Your career defines YOU these days. How many of us are in a role that is meaningful? How many of us are able to pursue our purpose? when you have an employer who understands how relevant these questions are to an effective developing workforce thats when great things happen more frequently.

The opportunity to learn new skills and diversify has never been better. Gone are the days when you walked into your first  job and retired decades later working for the same employer or doing the similar thing just a few levels higher. The landscape is fluid and dynamic in order to be in sync with the world of business.  Many individuals now understand the importance of reflecting and realigning their direction. Career development takes many forms.

The three questions that are important right from the get go are :

1. Do you want to leave?

2. Do you want to move up?

3. Do you want to re-design what you do?

After deciding which question is relevant to you currently …  exploring the options to realise an exciting answer is your next step.


Who you work for and what you do can be a defining factor in your personal identity. Individuals who are doing okay but  not happy doing what they are doing can have a mis alignment with their role and or employer. When you are in a career that defines you and is in line with your values the rewards can be easily achieved and more profitable for all three parties The Client / The Company / and YOU.


Key personnel are influencers and should be left alone as much as they can be in order for them to be innovative and creative in their role. Many HR Directors believe this however it is also just like owning a Ferrari … they need a service every now and then. Ferrari owners tend not to service their own vehicles they leave it to experienced mechanics who know the workings and what really goes on under the hood that can’t be written in a manual. If you were the Ferrari your time in the workshop with the mechanic would be an intimate and honest space where you can share experiences and how you feel. Key personnel understand that they too benefit from a routine check in with themselves. Most leaders spend their time in the zone. They are doing without thinking thats what they are paid for. From time to time it is useful to think and operate differently in order to maintain the status quo. This allows for development that is elegant, healthy to their mental and physical collateral.


Sadly many leaders get so intense and focussed in the job due the pressure and time constraints of their role that there are consequences. The consequences can be compensated for in perceived financial gains and perks but over time these consequences become game changers. The whole system of a person is then under review due to lack of focus globally. It is my belief that work life balance is not required to be happy and successful (whatever that means). Many leaders I know have severe lack of balance between home, health and emotional silos. These individuals are passionate about what they do and those around them understand that to let them be who they are there must be relaxed allowances.


Much is spoken about values these days in relation to organisations and individuals. Dependant on the intention and seriousness of the organisation / individual will directly reflect in the results attained. There are several processes used that transfer effectively with individuals and also treating the organisation as an individual. To move in the right direction with your career aligning your values is pivotal to making good long lasting decisions.


Modern NLP Practitioner