Secret Books in The Baccarat Hotel (55th Street Midtown)

One thing I love is James Bondesque stories. On a recent meeting in The Baccarat Hotel NYC I was invited to take part in a subtle tradition. In the reception area one display is a series of white leather books. Each book has a set of  numbers on that refer to years. To the viewer you may wonder what is in each book. Each book has blank pages. The tradition is to write messages in the books for people who visit to read and be influenced by. This tradition is not advertised just known by those in the know ( you are now in the know ). If you are lucky enough to visit or even stay at the location check it out and write something that will sit in this oasis of luxury forever. As a Bond fan I obviously wrote in the volume 2  007 ( a message to my daughter Molly ).

When developing people and cultures creating curiosity and quirky customs adds to the process.

Who has all the mojo’s?

There is a growing trend spreading across the plateau of middle management and above which is now a global epidemic. The trend is for individuals who were once the ace face … the leader … to find themselves in a position internally where they are lost, in limbo, just going through the motions. Their role is still active, the results are constant or even growing however internally the sell by date is fast approaching or it has become out of date. When these people finally open up to HR, peers or a trusted friend the situation may be in decline. The phrase that is becoming widespread is ” I just seem to have lost my mojo “.

This is where a specific course of action is needed to regain the individual to attach themselves to what is important to them NOW.

Failure to do this will result in lack of self esteem, poor results relative to their aspirations, coming onto the radar of others above and below them and more importantly time wasted in their lives and career.


The first stage is to recognise what is going on that is a problem or will be a problem. Secondly learn what is wanted. Thirdly build a bridge between the two using change intervention methods and coaching.