Introducing JT



“I declined the invite to be like all the others and went for a more authentic approach”

This site is designed to have the  the feel of a journal. It’s my space to jot down  thoughts … ideas and share information relating to people and their cultures. 

As a freelance consultant and trainer I get to see  individuals in their natural work Environment. Over the last ten years landscapes have changed for organisations and individuals. The ultimate scenario seems to be getting paid for doing something you love. When this is not the case employee’s are challenging their value systems. There will always be consequences when values are challenged or violated.  Matching an individuals skill set and passion to a role that is productive, effective and ultimately profitable is a strategy that has emerged in forward thinking organisations.

Brands currently need a balance of employee retention, skill development and culture recognition to enjoy sustained growth. My interest in people, brands and cultures came after my first trip to the United States. The trip included experiencing as much as I could in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Returning to London it was obvious to me that the UK and USA are very different planets.

My skill set and passions are of interest to Human Resources but not for HR processes. In addition my historical assignments are of interest to CEO’s, Presidents of organisations and leaders within them. If there was a sector I am familiar with it would be Hospitality. This is a sector I never actively went for it just happened through natural introductions. I have enjoyed many exciting initiatives for major hotel chains and infamous iconic properties, leading fashion brands plus the top two cruise companies in the world.


“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.

Making money is art

and working is art

and good business is the best art.”  


An organisation is only as strong as its culture is defined and understood. Value based cultures are great places to live, work and belong. Work now is more than it was … who you work for defines you and what you stand for.


There are trends  that leading organisations adopt and have a high impact on profitability, retention and sustainability. These include understanding the values of the organisation and the employee.