Most organisations have individuals who are trained and qualified in various areas relating to people development. From time to time there are unique projects and opportunities that arise where the input with an external person or team  adds value and innovation.

I have worked on many varied and exciting projects with organisations in Europe and USA ranging from days to years.

Consulting in house is totally bespoke and designed collaboratively in line with the desired result.

Some interesting projects

Creating Cultural Values for 43,000 Employees Worldwide

Research, Design and Delivery – Client ( Leading  Cruise Line – Miami

THE PROJECT ( 12 months 2012 – 2013 )




Creating Cultural Values for 49,000 Employees Worldwide ( Leading Cruise Line – Miami

THE PROJECT ( 18 months 2015 – 2016 )





Introducing NLP to Leaders ( American based Hotel Organisation


After delivering a keynote in Los Angeles  ( The Pacific Design Centre ) for MHG’s VCA’s ( Sales Awards ) I was commissioned to deliver a 3 day Intro to NLP in New York to hotel and regional managers in the USA.  This proved to be a success and was rolled out in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, London and Arizona.

Reinventing the Company Core Induction Program 

The organisation was built on a core set of values created from a long meeting hosted by Ian Schrager in New York. The meeting was stimulated by challenges at  Clift ( San Fransisco ) when the company had become public and  Clift was entering Chapter 11. The action taken after the passionate meeting turned around the fortunes and culture of the company. The program ( Edge ) became the mantra for all who entered and were within the organisation. This program shaped many of the key leaders personally and professionally.

Developing Key personnel ( London, New York, Miami )

During the time working with the dedicated HR team in New York I was asked to enhance the development of  key regional and hotel managers. The development work was designed to be educational and conversational specific to each individual created and design jointly with myself and them. The learnings were applied straight away in management procedures and natural communication and coaching of others within the hotels and regions.


Creating / Designing  the VCA Award Ceremony in Las Vegas ( Hard Rock Hotel

The Joint was the venue for the Awards Ceremony hosted by myself and Scott Horton.



Team Building for Hotel Leaders of New Waldorf Brand ( Miami / Naples ) 




Communication Program for Account Executives ( Epiphany




Retreat and Reinvent Day ( Hip Hotel NYC )



Key Personnel Intro to Advanced Communication ( Sony Music  NYC