Marbella Trainers Training 2017/18

As a consultant and trainer I travel to many locations each year primarily working with employees of organisations. The NLP Trainers Training Program is different made up from individuals who are all self funding. Each has invested time and money to get to a level of NLP application where they feel confident to be tested. The Trainers Training Program can last 21 days in total.

The course is divided into three modules … 1. Presentation Skills 2.  Training NLP Content  3.  Four Days of exams and testing.

The outcome of Pass / Re Take depends primarily on the exam result then Presentation and Demonstration’s. During the early modules a supportive coaching tone exists. The testing phase is where the individual has the opportunity to shine and deliver all they have learnt during their NLP journey.

The backdrop to this years NLP Trainers Training 2107  was Marbella ( Spain ).


Reviewing the course with Trainers on the beach Marbella Marina 

Taking questions after the award ceremony 

Myself and Steven Haggarty a great story teller and trainer from London 

Reservoir Dogs Scene with Steve Payne, Joydeep, John and Francesca far left 

The beautiful streets in Old Town a regular haunt for the trainers 

Authentic Spanish streets to lose yourself, drink coffee and study with colleagues
 Video shows speed boat trip excerpt after the presentation ceremony on the beach

TT 2018 ( early Spring )

Joydeep Ghoshdastidar ( consultant anaesthetist ) attended the 2108 training in Marbella after successfully completing the TT in 2017. Joydeep joined the coaching and leadership team to guide and access the participants of the 2018 group through the rigorous assessment process and exams. 

Keith West ( Team GB Marathon Runner / Construction CEO ) enjoying the sun on the 2018 TT after completing his TT 2017. Keith has a successful construction business and a passion for training. Keith gave several presentations to the 2018 participants to prepare them for their testing phase of the course. 

Joydeep and Keith West marking exam papers in the early evening sun on top of the villa roof.  It seemed a bit like judges houses on XFactor. 

Learning in Luxury

2018 early Spring was a good time to test the concept of learning in luxury. The simple idea of renting multi million pound residences and presenting courses all under one roof was a success. Marbella has an area similar to Beverley Hills with beautiful houses basking in the Spanish sun can be used as a base for learning and relaxing. The group each had their own space and accommodation. The facilities in the homes allowed added enjoyment of group meals/ barbecues and study sessions. One villa had an olympic size pool and sauna with space to relax and learn without the distractions of the busier town setting. The group visited the Old Town and beach on days off and celebration evenings.

Joydeep and Keith relaxing at lunchtime in the garden. 

TT Autumn 2018

Pre evaluation preparation. New ideas and concepts for the teaching and delivering of courses.

Chilling in the Old Town Marbella after the training


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