Introduction to Modern NLP


FullHeaderCrest_Black_MetropolisThe Metropolis Certified Introduction to NLP  Program not only gives you the pure NLP patterns and processes you learn skills to pragmatically apply into real life situations professionally and personally.  

Neuro-Linguistic Programming … an introduction to the curious

The course is designed to introduce you to the art and science of  NLP   and its modern applications

 Course Content

The course includes the internationally recognised topics with updated versions of techniques from  Classic Code of NLP. The content will include live demonstrations, one and one exercises, discussion, Q and A, lecture and application.

Real world case studies will be weaved into the course at relative learning points


Chronology of NLP / Definitions of NLP / Presuppositions / Eye Accessing / Sensory Acuity / Rapport / Outcomes / Rep Systems / Sub-modalities / Anchoring / State Management / Perceptual Positions /  Strategies / Communication Models / Meta Model Language Patterns / Milton Model of Language / Metaphor / Reframing /  Time Based Techniques / Conflict Resolution Techniques / Neuro Logical Levels / Coaching Applications / Business Applications / Introduction to Values


After studying Applied Psychology at Leeds University John Thompson started trading as Metropolis based from Leeds. Initially working with a partner in Liverpool developing professionals in the financial sector. 

It was decided to explore the applications of NLP in people development. After experiencing a certified nlp practitioner course it was decided to progress with further education in that field. After an accelerated fast track John became a trainer of nlp and started to apply many patterns and techniques with business clients.  Opportunities then opened to train in Norway at regular periods spanning over 4 years.Metropolis delivered nlp programs in Leeds and John assisted and delivered on certified courses in London to build his knowledge and skill set. 

In 2005 a rare opportunity to speak at a conference in Los Angeles led to working with the original founder of boutique hotels based out of New York. 

During the next 5 years John worked with HR professionals in the US hospitality sector.

This period created the awareness and  importance of value driven cultures. 

Companies adopting this strategy were growing during the recession and personnel were retained and developed based on the fit with personal and organisational values. 

Becoming knowledgable and experienced in value driven cultures led to significant projects with the worlds two largest cruise operators and several global brands. 

John constantly delivered nlp programs with other trainers in the UK and Europe whilst working and developing projects for the US. 

He is currently working with digital operators developing personnel and presenting business orientated nlp programs in Leeds.


You will learn the history of the early days and the core concept of modelling and coding behaviour. You will be introduced to the players, thinking and backdrop of where NLP was conceived and born.


The core skills that make NLP so effective are layered throughout the course and in this section are presented consciously.
Communcation Models
Sensory Acuity
Unconscious Communication


Everything you do is dependent on the state you are in when doing it. This section of the course allows you to learn how to manipulate states creating new patterns and reducing or deleting old ones.
Using anchoring models
Perceptual Positions


There are some models that have become associated with NLP due to its natural evolution. This section presents the models whilst making the distinctions of how they are relative to the core skill modelling.
Logical Levels
Meta Programs


The heart of NLP is language. In this section of the course you will learn how powerful language, its structure, words and stories are to people. The models presented in this section are pivotal to change and human programming.
Language Basics
Milton Model
Meta Model


You will learn the most powerful change techniques in this section.
Protocols for using time based techniques


Becoming more integrated is condusive with a healthy balanced life. In this section you will experience models and techniques that allow individuals to change easliy and become integrated.
Aligment Therapy
Conflict resolution


Individuals who want to redesign/ rebrand/ reinvent  themselves

Managers / Leaders who want to understand themselves and others more

Coaches who want to apply NLP into their current style of Coaching and Business

HR Professionals who want the edge in their career

Professionals in all sectors who want to save time and make decisions giving them more choices to do what they want.

Any individuals who have trained with Metropolis and want to re visit the content and updated applications are welcome.

Dates – Module 1 September 20-23 – 2019

Module 2 September 27-30 – 2019


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