How do you manage 4 different brands?

It’s like been Brian Epstein

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The Beatles early success was attributed to Brian Epstein’s management style … each one of the the Fab Four trusted him. The further challenges in the relationship The Beatles had with Brian can be learnt from.

So you have been given 4 new brands to help thrive … as if you didn’t have enough to do. This is a both great and not great, another  paradox to introduce to your life from which you will learn so much about yourself and others (which is currently a goal of yours). So what do we do? … okay first of all lets look at the facts relating to your life at  work and at home. As we know both are connected.

Lets look at your values …  what may be challenged and enhanced?. Lets also acknowledge that these brands are in need of a clear set of values supporting a culture that has changed due to several factors. There are several positions at which we can gain valuable knowledge and information. Firstly the public image and perception from social media, website and industry media. The feelings and environment of those who currently work in the brand and those who are to be recruited. The intention of saving and promoting the brand for the future. The vision and strategy to excite those in and out of the company. Initially the one element that is important is knowing the culture that is present now and how that differs from the culture which will take it forward. Communicating with the leaders in these brands must recognise the current and future value system. Knowing this and having it explicit initially will make decisions easier, faster and longer lasting. Making the values explicit also determines development areas for some operating within the company and new hires. Communicating throughout the organisations their values must be respected, promoted and visible from the highest level. Company values are not just for certain levels of the operation … they run like DNA throughout the organisation. Managing 4 brands is like having 4 wives ( or partners ) to satisfy ( although understanding a company is far easier than understanding a woman … tongue in cheek comment ). Key to success here is becoming knowledgable in patterns of behaviour and communication. Becoming more chameleon like in your thinking and language will greatly motivate and engage the various teams. In addition educating the teams in the qualities of the 4 brands and how they could all learn and adapt to become better brands will be useful to them understanding you.


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