Ericksonian Hypnosis

Applications to Professional and Personal Development

A 3 day course presenting how Ericksonian Hypnosis works for individuals, organisations and cultures.

Covering applications thereapeutically, business contexts, coaching, personal development.

Delivered as a non certified course for the curious beginner, seasoned professional, coach, leader, manager.



The uncertainty continues on both sides of the Atlantic affecting social, economic and individual development. Business professionals are keen to learn and re-learn core communication skills for themselves and organisations. The need for new strategies and ways of thinking has never been more pivotal to growth. This course is not about teaching you how to hypnotise another individual but you will learn this skill. The course explains what Ericksonian protocols are and how to apply and adapt them to enhance significantly your effectiveness. In order to make a difference a pattern must be discovered and interrupted to enjoy change. When you can interrupt the right patterns your results will flow easier.

Defining what hypnosis is and is not
Why the Ericksonian Approach is more effective than others
Communicating with the Unconscious
The Language of Ericksionain Patterns and Applications
Trance and Hypnosis the difference
Ericksonian Techniques x 4
Presenting Hypnotically
Sales Process
Coaching Self and Others using EH Protocols
Self Hypnosis
Metaphors / Stories / Isomorphism
Ethics / Standards
The course is a series of logical pragmatic explanations, presentations and demonstrations of protocols from Milton Erickson’s work. Even though the patterns come from years ago the current applications to modern aspects of life are relevant. The course caters for elegant personal change which Erickson was famous for.
 During my travels these patterns are used by some of the leading creative organisations in the world. They have been adapted to be transferable and scalable to multiple applications.
After the course you will be able to integrate the learnings to all areas of business and personal life.

Who should attend ? 

Coaches who want to learn new methods of assisting clients to realise new choices.

Managers who want to learn how to elegantly influence and understand others.

Leaders who want to connect with their unconscious and make the right decisions faster.

Trainers who want to take their skills to a new level.

Anyone who wants learn the most powerful change processes used in people development.

Investment ¬£ 750 plus vat