From time to time there are characters that emerge on the landscape who are a little left field and have a great message plus a cool story. One such character I encountered last year was “Bingo”. So to back up a little I wanted some designs created to illustrate some behavioural styles. My first choice of designer BEAR (designers seem to have random names and later egos) was stacked out. However he still called round and we had a conversation about my requirements. Bear (Richard Deighton) came back a few days later with some suggestions for look and feel. One of the suggestions was a character called Bingo. Or Mr Bingo as is his full title. Bear said Bingo had a unique style and also had a book out showing some of his work done bespoke for clients who wanted artwork sending to their friends. The concept was you would contact Bingo with a name and some details of the friend and Bingo would have artistic license to draw accordingly and send in the form of a postcard to your friend. Bear gave me the names of a few people who could adapt some of the styles he had presented but I was curious about this Bingo character. In a random moment walking through Leeds I decided to call Mr Bingo to see if he was interested in helping with the illustrations. I addressed him as Bingo and he asked me what my name was … as he was not using his original birth names I gave him my nickname “TOMO” (from school to mid 20s) right now I have the title “JT”. We had discussion and the conversation was littered with me trying to get the word Bingo into as many sentences as I could. We struck up a rapport over the next few weeks and when Mr Bingo had completed the work as he was a bit of a name I wanted some of the work printing off and signing. Bingo offered to come from London to Leeds and sign the images.

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